6 Businesses To Start In The UK And Expand To Europe

Are you considering starting a business here in the UK, and don’t know really which one to pick? Well, you aren’t alone. There are thousands, if not more, of both young and old guys who harbour the same dreams and aspirations. The distinguishing factor is those that do nothing about it, and those that rise, and crown their thoughts with actions. Dare to dream big, it is possible to start a business in the UK and even spread across Europe. Others have done it, you too can! Surprisingly, some of the top and most lucrative businesses to start today in the UK either fall between; the entertainment industry, food industry, and fashion industry! People will always want to dress well, visit the best eateries, and well, visit an entertainment spot afterwards!

In light of the above, below are 6 businesses that you can start in the UK today, and expand to Europe in the near future;

  1. Open a hotel or restaurant; the good thing about hotels and restaurants is that once you build a name for yourself, customers will associate with brand and respect it even when whey they find it in a foreign country. Be unique, you could start a hotel for vegetarians for instance, and build the brand around that notion.
  2. Home delivery of healthy foods; the rental property concept, Airbnb, started small to what it is today. Likewise, you can start a business here in the UK, where customers can order healthy foods and have them delivered right at their doorsteps. You don’t have to prepare the food; you could develop an app than enables home owners who have prepared healthy homemade meals, liaise with customers who need such.
  3. You can also open a club or bar; a vibrant, trendy nightclub is always assured of winning revellers. You can then spread your wings and open a branch in Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels, Cologne, etc.
  4. What about a boutique or store selling designer clothes, shoes; designer clothes, shoes, jewellery, handbags; these are always in demand and a lucrative business.
  5. Arts also pay; for those with talents, either as a dancer, magician, musician, etc, you can also take that as a business that pays your bills. Get a manager to help you arrange travels across Europe.
  6. You can’t go wrong with an escort agency; lastly, escort agencies are as profitable as they are in demand across Europe. Today, all you need is the internet, and a good website; you don’t have to be in France or Germany or wherever so as to run an escort agency there. You can have models sign up from their respective countries; clients pay online, and thus have branches all across Europe! Sounds smart, doesn’t it?

Go ahead and follow your dreams; start small here in the UK before spreading to other European countries.

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