How to set Up Your Website for an Event Launch

If you are planning an event launch, you need to adequately prepare your website to announce the news. Whether it is a product, service or new business you are launching, you definitely need to communicate important information about it and there is no better place to do it than on your website. If you go about this process right, your product or business might just have a ready market by the time you launch.

Below are ways to strategize your website for an event launch:

Prepare and publish great content

The type of event you are launching pretty much influences the content that you need to prepare about it. With the right amount and quality of content, you easily get yourself 3 or six months ahead of where you would naturally be. So make some noise before the launch. Provide clear and adequate information about the event. If it is a product launch, tell people what is unique about that product, what problems it solves for them and why you are best equipped to offer it to them. If it is a charity event do the same, tell people why you think it is a worthy course.

Diverse content

Create quality articles that will have more readership and more sharing. Shoot nice videos and upload them on your website, create animations and graphics that stand out and use them to communicate about your event.

Sell tickets / send invitations

You want to have as many people as possible to show up at your launch. The website is the right place to provide ticket information, or directions to the venue. All this should be done in advance so that people can have adequate time to prepare and make sure that their schedules will be clear on that day.

To get it right, have an exclusive web page that only talks about tickets, the venue, and the time of the event. You can provide a map. The link to this page should be out on your home page and in screaming colors.

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Link to your social accounts

Do yourself and set up your events on social media too.There is no avenue better than social media when it comes to event planning. Facebook, for instance makes life easier for it notifies people whenever there is an event near them.

It is important to have social media linked to your website, this will allow you to share the blogs on your website to your social media. It is that easy to get your event go viral and get all the support, market or funding you need before the launch happens. Just ensure that your content is great and unique.

Count Down Timer

It is important to constantly remind people that your event is about to go down. Consider putting a timer on your website a few weeks before the actual launch. The timer should be real time and it should tell how many days, hours and seconds are remaining to the big launch. Talk to your website developer to work this through with them.

The above mentioned points are some of the ways to set up your website for an event launch. If you have the budget, you can also consider using Google ads to place your content to your target audience for more awareness.

By ClickDo Consulting