GDPR Compliance For WordPress Websites

In this digital life, every business is having a website. The Businesses and Organizations are recording every data in digital format. It is very rare to see someone handling data with hard written papers. By understanding this, businesses in UK are no different from it. They are highly dependent on online platforms, with lots of data transfer and storage.

What is GDPR?

GDPR is abbreviated as General Data Protection Policy Regulation. GDPR is an EU law which will come into the act on may 25th 2018. GDPR holds the rules on data protection and privacy for individuals personal data. The primary idea of GDPR is to have a control over personal data of citizens and residents within the European Union. GDPR replaces previous Data Protection Directive which commenced in 1995. If you still want to understand things clear about GDPR, then follow the link –



GDPR Compliance Implementation For Websites:

When you read everything about GDPR, you must have understood the importance of implementing for your website. As said, every business has their online presence either as a business website or any other medium. So, it is important to protect your business data of every individual.

Here, Consumers and citizens are the controllers, where the organization has to take good measures to use and stores their customer’s data in a safe, secure, and verified manner.

If you aren’t aware of how to implement GDPR compliance for your website when you’re a UK based company, then get some ideas and implementations done from