5 Good Reasons Why Express Waste Removals Company Is The Best When It Comes To Rubbish Removal In London

Although London is home to many waste removal companies, Express Waste Removals continues to be a popular option among many Londoners. For several years now, we have worked with many home owners and officer owners and our services continue to be much sought after. Whether you’re looking to have your residence cleared up of any rubbish and junk, or it is a commercial property like office blocks that require to be cleared off; just give us a call. We always strive to do a thorough job of collecting every bit of waste and disposing it in the most eco friendly way possible. While at it, you’ll notice that our prices are affordable and we never add any extra costs when billing you.

Here are 5 good reasons why you can never go wrong with us;

  1. Professionalism; Express Waste Removal values professionalism; it is one of the pillars upon which our company was founded. By professionalism, we mean that our staff and clearance personnel are always courteous, polite, and cause as little interruptions to your premises as possible. Waste clearance doesn’t have to be loud so that everyone around has to know what’s happening; our neat and well dressed teams will always get the job done without much hullabaloo; this especially applies to offices and commercial premises where other tenants may be busy doing their work.
  2. Passion; we are passionate about what we do. Can you imagine that? Our clearance teams comprise of men and women who love cleanliness, who’ll go to extra lengths of ensuring that your premises is left sparkling clean and free from all manner of trash and junk. Most clients always thank us afterwards and commend our teams of turning the entire clearance activity into a fun experience! Get to us today and learn firsthand just what difference passion can bring.
  3. Flexibility; we understand very well that most Londoners lead hectic lives, sometimes working long hours or extra jobs. As such, they’re hardly at home and may struggle to empty their bins as regularly as should be. Don’t worry, we offer our services on weekends, public holidays, even in the evening on agreed days. Basically, your convenience is what directs us. Feel free to talk to us, we are flexible and can accommodate your schedule regardless of how busy you’re.
  4. Good customer care; we pride ourselves of having a warm and professional customer care team that’s always on standby 24/7. Simply give us a call, we can give you a free quotation on phone, we will advice you on the best way forward if you have any hazardous waste that needs to be disposed. If you need same day services, you are more than welcome to get in touch with us. In essence, our customer care team is here to turn your wishes into reality; talk to us with your queries and we’ll answer all.
  5. Very Affordable; from rates as low as £25 for minimum loads, our prices are super affordable and you’re only charged for the amount of waste we’ve cleared from your premises. No parking fee, no loading fee, and at the end of it, we ensure that we clear up the driveway before leaving. Regular customers or those with huge amounts of waste are assured of nice discounts. We don’t fleece or overcharge our clients whatsoever.

For more details on how to book our services, get in touch today. We will come to you at a moment’s notice if you need us to, regardless of where you’re located in London. Read more about the rubbish removal process by them.


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