5 Good Reasons Why Express Waste Removals Company Is The Best When It Comes To Rubbish Removal In London

Although London is home to many waste removal companies, Express Waste Removals continues to be a popular option among many Londoners. For several years now, we have worked with many home owners and officer owners and our services continue to be much sought after. Whether you’re looking to have your residence cleared up of any rubbish and junk, or it is a commercial property like office blocks that require to be cleared off; just give us a call. We always strive to do a thorough job of collecting every bit of waste and disposing it in the most eco friendly way possible. While at it, you’ll notice that our prices are affordable and we never add any extra costs when billing you.

Here are 5 good reasons why you can never go wrong with us;

  1. Professionalism; Express Waste Removal values professionalism; it is one of the pillars upon which our company was founded. By professionalism, we mean that our staff and clearance personnel are always courteous, polite, and cause as little interruptions to your premises as possible. Waste clearance doesn’t have to be loud so that everyone around has to know what’s happening; our neat and well dressed teams will always get the job done without much hullabaloo; this especially applies to offices and commercial premises where other tenants may be busy doing their work.
  2. Passion; we are passionate about what we do. Can you imagine that? Our clearance teams comprise of men and women who love cleanliness, who’ll go to extra lengths of ensuring that your premises is left sparkling clean and free from all manner of trash and junk. Most clients always thank us afterwards and commend our teams of turning the entire clearance activity into a fun experience! Get to us today and learn firsthand just what difference passion can bring.
  3. Flexibility; we understand very well that most Londoners lead hectic lives, sometimes working long hours or extra jobs. As such, they’re hardly at home and may struggle to empty their bins as regularly as should be. Don’t worry, we offer our services on weekends, public holidays, even in the evening on agreed days. Basically, your convenience is what directs us. Feel free to talk to us, we are flexible and can accommodate your schedule regardless of how busy you’re.
  4. Good customer care; we pride ourselves of having a warm and professional customer care team that’s always on standby 24/7. Simply give us a call, we can give you a free quotation on phone, we will advice you on the best way forward if you have any hazardous waste that needs to be disposed. If you need same day services, you are more than welcome to get in touch with us. In essence, our customer care team is here to turn your wishes into reality; talk to us with your queries and we’ll answer all.
  5. Very Affordable; from rates as low as £25 for minimum loads, our prices are super affordable and you’re only charged for the amount of waste we’ve cleared from your premises. No parking fee, no loading fee, and at the end of it, we ensure that we clear up the driveway before leaving. Regular customers or those with huge amounts of waste are assured of nice discounts. We don’t fleece or overcharge our clients whatsoever.

For more details on how to book our services, get in touch today. We will come to you at a moment’s notice if you need us to, regardless of where you’re located in London. Read more about the rubbish removal process by them.


How to set Up Your Website for an Event Launch

If you are planning an event launch, you need to adequately prepare your website to announce the news. Whether it is a product, service or new business you are launching, you definitely need to communicate important information about it and there is no better place to do it than on your website. If you go about this process right, your product or business might just have a ready market by the time you launch.

Below are ways to strategize your website for an event launch:

Prepare and publish great content

The type of event you are launching pretty much influences the content that you need to prepare about it. With the right amount and quality of content, you easily get yourself 3 or six months ahead of where you would naturally be. So make some noise before the launch. Provide clear and adequate information about the event. If it is a product launch, tell people what is unique about that product, what problems it solves for them and why you are best equipped to offer it to them. If it is a charity event do the same, tell people why you think it is a worthy course.

Diverse content

Create quality articles that will have more readership and more sharing. Shoot nice videos and upload them on your website, create animations and graphics that stand out and use them to communicate about your event.

Sell tickets / send invitations

You want to have as many people as possible to show up at your launch. The website is the right place to provide ticket information, or directions to the venue. All this should be done in advance so that people can have adequate time to prepare and make sure that their schedules will be clear on that day.

To get it right, have an exclusive web page that only talks about tickets, the venue, and the time of the event. You can provide a map. The link to this page should be out on your home page and in screaming colors.

Event Planning & Catering By London’s best Catering services Ask Dakshas on Facebook

Link to your social accounts

Do yourself and set up your events on social media too.There is no avenue better than social media when it comes to event planning. Facebook, for instance makes life easier for it notifies people whenever there is an event near them.

It is important to have social media linked to your website, this will allow you to share the blogs on your website to your social media. It is that easy to get your event go viral and get all the support, market or funding you need before the launch happens. Just ensure that your content is great and unique.

Count Down Timer

It is important to constantly remind people that your event is about to go down. Consider putting a timer on your website a few weeks before the actual launch. The timer should be real time and it should tell how many days, hours and seconds are remaining to the big launch. Talk to your website developer to work this through with them.

The above mentioned points are some of the ways to set up your website for an event launch. If you have the budget, you can also consider using Google ads to place your content to your target audience for more awareness.

By ClickDo Consulting

Companies in End of Tenancy Cleaning Services in London UK

There are numerous cleaning companies in London that offer the end of tenancy cleaning service. The choice of which company to hire rests solely on the hands of the landlord or the tenant vacating the premises. It is up to them to do their research and figure out which company best suits their needs on demand at an affordable cost. But it is in the hands of the companies themselves to market their products and services that will give both the landlord and the tenant a clear view on which path to follow in this sensitive process.

Verification of End of Tenancy Cleaning Company’s Experience

For an end of tenancy cleaning exercise, a landlord or tenant conducting the process has to consider a lot of factors before finally coming to a decision that a particular company is the one they have chosen. What makes that company stand out? Will that company fully satisfy the needs of the landlord or tenant? Will the services and products offered by the company fulfil the desired intent and increase the lease value and remarketing scheme? How can a landlord or tenant verify that the company will come through for him/her?


There are a number of ways a company’s credentials can be ascertained. One can take into account the staff a company has employed. How well trained they are, their level of professionalism. Whether or not they are vetted and insured to ensure their trust in conducting an end of tenancy cleaning. The number of staff also spells out a lot the success of a cleaning company which will have a hand in a landlord or tenant making a decision towards seeking their services.

The technology and process a cleaning company incorporates in its cleaning ventures tells a great deal about the company’s success. A company that is well versed with modern equipment and technology with innovative cleaning processes such as steam cleaning and vacuum cleaning easily attracts a market niche demand for its services since its cleaning ventures more than satisfactory to all who seek its assistance.

Testimonials from clients who have employed the services of cleaning companies can serve as great indicators to the companies’ efficiency, prowess and ultimately its selection. A landlord or tenant can go and read the online reviews of cleaning companies or seek testimonials from clients who have had the pleasure of enjoying the services of said companies and this will be a basis or guideline to which they can make a clear solid decision on which direction to take when it comes to hiring a cleaning company for an end of tenancy cleaning job.

The competition between companies that offer the cleaning services is a major factor that will help a landlord or tenant in determining which company to go with. The competition brings about marketing campaigns and strategies which clearly guides the clients seeking their services through advertisements, promotions and offers that will give multiple choices to clients hence a client is spoilt for choice. This is key in verifying that a company is strong within the market hence worth for and end tenancy cleaning job.

tenancy cleaning london

The cost of end of tenancy cleaning price is a major verification factor of a company in the cleaning niche. The cost should be affordable depending on the intensity and extent of the cleaning job. The cost should not be too cheap to render the cleaning job unsatisfactory and it should not be too expensive so that clients avoid the company and its services altogether. The cost of end of tenancy cleaning should be less than the agreed upon deposit paid by the tenant prior to moving in to the premises, or equal to the deposit. This ensures that the tenant can be compensated the money spent on end of tenancy cleaning by the landlord once the job is complete, or when the tenant decides not to per take in the end of tenancy cleaning, the landlord comes in and uses the deposit paid for this job.

End of Tenancy Cleaning – Hot Offers

See more on EOT Cleaning Company website.

ClickDo Consultancy That Helped Local Business In UK Grow Rapidly In 2016

ClickDo has been offering digital marketing consultancy services to local businesses around the UK and for the duration they’ve been doing so, the results have been impressive. This is to say that ClickDo has helped uplift and guide local businesses to robust online presences. A robust online presence means that brands are easily accessible online to consumers. Here in the UK, majority of consumers rely on the internet, and their hand held devices to research more about whatever goods or services they are looking for. As such, digital marketing has emerged as a must have for any business that wishes to tap into this new trend. This is where ClickDo comes in; their digital marketing and consultancy services have helped bridge the gap between local businesses and consumers. See the ClickDo reviews from happy clients.

  • In 2016 alone, a dozen companies and organizations have found their way to top rankings on the search engines. These businesses were once small and unknown but thanks to the excellent services from ClickDo, they were able to change this predicament. From dental clinics, restaurants, escort agencies, photography companies like 69 drops Studio which is the London’s top studio for hire, wedding venues, and so many other businesses, all these can attribute their rise in 2016 to Clickdo.
  • Some of the tips and tricks that have enabled ClickDo remain on top of their game in 2016 include the use of social media to reach more potential consumers, blogging, as well as site optimization. Blogging has especially proven effective since blogs have been hailed as a milestone in helping in link building, and pulling more traffic to websites.
  • The consultancy services offered by ClickDo in 2016 have also been done in a holistic and professional way. This means that once a local business has shed more light on the nature of their business, and the goals they wish to achieve, ClickDo has always taken the initiative to make that a reality. The agency has teams assigned to each client’s project, and the client gets frequent updates of the progress.
  • Lastly, the fact that ClickDo also prides itself of having top web designers means that they have continued to offer a myriad of services under one roof. Thus, from helping design a website, generating fresh and catchy content for each page, hosting the sites and then striving to attract traffic from them; ClickDo has a wealth of experience in all these.


We have a few months before 2016 gets replaced by 2017; are you satisfied by the performance of your business? Would you wish to try the services of a professional ClickDo digital marketing agency? Then ClickDo should be the people to talk to.

How Armed Forces Can Help You In Business

As a business owner, you surely want your firm to excel, and would be ready to implement any strategies which would help this accomplished. All members of the public are expected to sign a Covenant agreement, which is a promise from the nation to treat fairly all those who have served in the armed forces. This document means you will be expected to offer guaranteed interviews to members of the armed forces who have demonstrated ability and skill in the criteria selected. Your business can be greatly transformed if you hire personnel from the armed forces. These include;

  • Impressive skills; self-discipline and commitment are the benchmark of armed forces recruitment process. They have come to value high levels of professionalism and these are priceless qualities of an employee.
  • Resilient and resourceful individuals; armed forces employees have been trained to forge relationships in the most unfamiliar circumstances.
  • High standards of training; the rigorous training given to military personnel is incomparable and this shapes them to be better equipped at defense skills. Since security is paramount to your business especially if you have lots high return rates, armed forces personnel will be of paramount importance to your business.
  • Self-confidence; for those in the sales industry it would be practically impossible to convince people to buy your products and services if your salesmen do not have confidence. People from the armed forces have been trained to believe in themselves and employing them can help your business record an increased rate of return as well as increase the number of new customers.

The many benefits of armed forces in your business should move you to consider hiring these Special Forces. You will be offered great security measures, work with experienced personnel and talented workers who have a pool of transferable skills.