Fox Hunting (Why It Should Still Be Banned)

For decades, fox hunting has been considered as a blood sport and it is still practiced even with this ban imposed. However, the Hunting Act has, in one way or another been able to reduce the number of animals being killed all in the name of ‘sport’. Considering that, a good number of people consider it as barbaric and cruel act against animals, the ban should stay intact.

It’s an Outdated Practice

With the advancement of technology, people should also be able to change their way of thinking. Chasing down and killing live animals should be a thing of the past and it should have no place in the modern world.

A lot of controversy surrounds the subject of fox hunting with many people being against the practice. However, many people also consider it a tradition and find it difficult to do away with it. Although foxes can pose as a danger to the environment, they can be dealt with in other morally right ways.

Other “Sports” Stay Banned

Just as other forms of inhumane sports such as dog fighting, bull fighting and even bear baiting were banned, the same should remain the case for fox hunting. Just like dogs are animals and need to be treated right, is the same way that foxes should be handled like any other animal out there. Hunting and killing them all in the name of sport is a heinous act.

Practice Other Activities

There are many other activities that can be helpful to the society rather than hunting down foxes and killing them. The time and strength taken to carry out these barbaric acts should be pumped into doing something useful that will generate income for the nation.


Fox hunting is not only inhumane, but it is also callous. It in no way displays any form of strength or potency for the hunters. The ban should not be repealed and instead should remain intact.

By Andrew Charalambous | Andrew Charalambous Facebook

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